Showing the way to transform a crisis into success, depression into elation, challenge into opportunity and failures into great achievements is what a teacher does. Whenever a critical situation in life of a child arises, the teacher must perceive with insight the time, the place, the situation and the people involved and conceive with imagination and creativity the possible solutions to the crisis. The school becomes the second home for a child who studies in the same school for 14 years – from KG to Grade 12 (K-12). A lot of investment goes into the making of a scholar. But at the end of the day, if the child doesn’t attain a situation in which he knows whether he is doing justice to his potential, all such investments go in vain. Exploring hidden talents of a child and honing them for his betterment is the moral responsibility of a teacher. For this pursuit, one has to be absolutely democratic in thought and action. The child must know what he is worthy of. In fact, we all become what we become in life because someone believed in us much before we began to believe in ourselves.

This trust of a teacher in her students is an important motivating factor which shapes a child, ultimately making him proudly proclaim, “I am my teacher’s product”. Moreover, while discovering a child, a teacher eventually discovers her own true self. Transparency is a necessity while educating a child and every teacher must practice “the inevitable law of transparent values of education” – without fail. Hidden agendas in education are dangerous and they transform the concept of holistic education into a farce. Feeding the curiosity of a child is the real education, not the marks or the grades a teacher awards on the answer scripts of a student. Serving as a ladder to create global leaders is the one we call a teacher. All educators must realise that it is their ‘Dharma’ to create, and create they shall as teachers. Twenty years back it was her, today it is someone else, and in future it will be someone else. The greatest reward of a teacher is when her students come back after many years and share their success stories; and one among them remarks, “Dear Teacher, you sank deep into me!”.

Let’s ponder in how many more lives will a teacher be useful. Without moral and ethical accountability any success is merely an educational business. A teacher has to be involved as an emotional support to the student. The motivating factors which lead them to a state of self-confidence are the building blocks of children. A teacher has to become conscious in selecting those blocks so that they make a child live a life worthy of his potential. Any effort made unconsciously even with a fair intention to build them up may turn out to be stumbling blocks for a child. Hence it’s imperative on part of a teacher to ensure that whatever a child does, he does with a sense of gratitude and he enjoys doing it as well. It gives immense pleasure to be part of a child’s joy in contrast to evaluating a child in a chamber with a lot of papers blotted in red and then planning a schedule to re-evaluate him for the same components to please the yellow pages of a school’s examination file.

Be useful. Infuse a Midas touch. Be the change to change lives. Shed the armour of comparison. Throw away the weapons of criticism. Be courageous. Take onus of the successes as well as the failures of your students. Be a teacher.

Teachers are required to be an inspiration for many lives. Leaving a legacy is not an easy task. Teachers incarnate in their children and the legacy of creating an ethical world is the only asset we can all bank upon.

Nishesh Kumar Sinha

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