Real Meaning of Education

The time has come to contemplate whether we can separate education from the culture and civilisation of this Country…..

The very step of a child to seek education in a formal set-up need just “a lovely look” of an educator assuring the child with a happy directive…

“You are here to grow into your best,
You need to be free to grow,
To have the emotional room to breathe,
To stretch and try your wings, to succeed,
And especially, to fail.”

The clouds of confusion disperse with this lively welcome and a general sense of being in control through understanding what is going on around increases.

A child is said to have a winning ticket if he/she is able to live out his/her childhood dreams. But the question arises: Do we create a world of dreams for them? Probably not. If a survey is done, the common answers we get from the maximum number of educators are: “We have no time….the syllabus to be covered within the stipulated time is huge.” And “We follow the instructions of our authority and accomplish the tasks assigned to us sincerely.” In the pursuit of covering the syllabus, we cause irreversible damage to their natural ability to perform.

It is rightly said, “It is better to build a child than to repair a Man”.
We keep on harping on holistic education in a world class infrastructure. On the contrary, the school campus imprisons the restless souls. Good that the children are changing and succeeding under any circumstance but it is sad that the educators and parents have given up on this to loads of learning!!

The role of educators is pivotal in turning education into an important issue. In fact Syllabus needs to be ‘uncovered’ instead of being covered making it an effective tool to explore more than what great educators have charted out for the children to learn. Objectives and Goals of educating young learners must be precisely understood before any teacher takes the responsibility to nurture the young ones.

In addition to help students learn how to learn, an educator to my mind must try to help them learn how to judge themselves. At the end of the day, we need to ask ourselves….”Did they recognise their true abilities? Did they have a sense of their own flaws? Were they realistic about how others viewed them? Most importantly, educators need to let them know how to judge for themselves how are they coming along.

The core purpose of education is not to encash brand names but to produce stalwarts of unique brands. The goal of education is to ensure that every child becomes the preserver of the soil in the best possible manner. Education in India existed even when there were no classrooms. It flourished and spread to the whole world carrying a philosophy of living a meaningful life. Of late classrooms started shaping lives. Teachers are not the harbingers of classrooms. If they create a synergy in atmosphere of informal learning, experiments under the open sky will yield amazing results.

The time has come to contemplate whether we can separate education from the culture and civilisation of this country. In fact, we need not go elsewhere to find a solution to this degradation of educational standards. We just have to delve into the past with an open mind and de-structure our curriculum and methodologies sticking to the ancient legacy which has been discarded by us without any rhyme and reason. Even if the four Upvedas are referred to earnestly, we can very comfortably shape young minds. We need to turn the pages of Ayurveda that became Vedic Science for living a healthy life. Dhanurveda teaches us the art of defence (Martial Arts), diplomacy and statecraft. Sthapatya Veda is core learning of directional science for proper orientation of building constructions and lastly Gandharva Veda is the basis of India’a great traditions of music, dance, drama, poetry and literature.

Do we really need more than this to groom our children? Let us all brood, contemplate and realise the real meaning of Education.

Nishesh Kumar Sinha
GEMS International School ,Karnal

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