An exposition of a memory artist par excellence

As all great events focus on every aspect of the attendee experience, GEMS Modern Academy, Gurugram too had a rocking morning on 6th of April at the ‘Super Memory Workshop’ by Dhaval Bathia. The event turned out to be a great show for the kids and the attending parents.

Born on 26th June this Cancerian super human – Dhaval Bathia was the mathematical child prodigy who came into limelight in his early years due to his capability of doing blazingly fast mathematical calculations.
Born in Mumbai, he is the Guinness World Records Holder and the author of 5 bestselling books on

• Vedic Mathematics
• Best of Sudoku
• How to Top Exams
• Memory Power
• He Swam with Sharks for an Ice-cream

He was an average child until class 6th who gradually developed a knack towards superfast calculations and memory exercises. Graduated as a lawyer he began his crusade to eliminate the fear of mathematics.

The WhizKid – Dhaval, truly carries a magical persona which captivated the senses of the audience. A guy who truly believes in the karmic cycle, says ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’, has been teaching for absolutely free to several countries namely Kuwait, UAE, USA, UK, Oman, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore and many more. He aspires to reach 1 million girls to educate and inculcate a very positive and optimistic mindset amongst the society.

The event started on a really cheerful note wherein the children from Grade IV to Grade VIII really showcased their energy levels which were surely at the fullest. The students were lively, energetic and cheerful while enjoying the mathemagics show by Dhaval.


In his 1st segment, based on some random calculations he guessed everybody’s birthday and the shocking thing was that he was absolutely correct. The audience was awestruck as everybody was stunned to see him telling the correct answer. Children were really excited to know the magical secret of telling the birthday and so equally enthusiastic was Dhaval for revealing the same. His interaction skills were of the next level and would not be a big thing to say that the seminar doubled up as a one-to-one show.

In his 2nd segment he taught the audience ‘How to memorise 20 different words in less than 60 seconds’. In Dhaval’s words “In order to need a super memory you need a structure”. He explained how you create a pathway in your brain which makes our remembering very easy. Our brain contains somewhat similar muscles which needs regular exercising to strengthen the neurons. He taught the attendees a very simple way to sharpen their memory skills which was, giving a structured pathway to the learning process. He also said that ‘the more you laugh the better you remember’.

His next surprise element was to guess the no. of siblings you have in your family. This act took the audience by a storm, parents were equally astounding whereas the students were at their brim of excitement. It would’nt at all be very amplifying to say that seldom you get to attend such sessions where the participation of the audience speaks about the quality of the event. It turned out to be a session where everybody seemed to be very happy and enjoyed the slide shows, wherein the speaker received 100% audience engagement.

In an exclusive face-to-face session Dhaval said that unlearning is an integral and a very good way of learning which is why a child is less confused as compared to an adult because you need a clean slate to write something on it and to fill something you need an empty space. The education system of nearly all the boards never lacked facilities instead they deliver a fully loaded curriculum to the child but the challenge here is to make the curriculum simpler and that is why he is here to bridge the gap. He very clearly stated that all you need to do is to change the conventional methods and learn the new faster methods to challenge the older standards of education and once you are through the fear of nos. will be a thing of the past.

The sessions passed away like a whirlwind as also Dhaval had few other engagements, but before leaving he made sure to gift away his DVD’s and his collection of best-selling books. The event was closed by the Principal of GEMS Modern Academy, Gurugram – Punam Singhal, who delivered her vote of thanks to the entire team and to Dhaval. Despite the fact that the event was scheduled on a weekday, the even lesser no. of parents along with the teachers were actually glad, attending this event. They were thrilled to visualise the mind melting tricks that Dhaval showcased and requested the session to be organised again in the due course of time. The session was attended by the students, parents, teachers along with the GEMS Education Corporate Staff and all were spell bound the content delivered by the master mind – Dhaval Bathia.

His work can easily be downloaded from, apart from this his very own hand curated Kit consisting of DVD’s, certificate and books is available at a very nominal pricing. His other books are widely available at the some of the leading online shopping portals.

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